Frequently Asked Questions


What do you write?

Right now, I write exclusively male/male romantic suspense.


Why do you write that?

Because I like writing love stories with a hint of danger to them.


Do your books end with Happily Ever Afters (HEAs)?

Yes, always. While my books don't necessarily end with marriage, that's more to do with the role of marriage than because my couples aren't 100% committed to each other. Some of my characters are really young or have a lot going on in their lives and marriage doesn't really make good sense at the time the book ends. But all of my main characters end up with the loves of their life, and remain happy in those relationships whether they're married by the epilogue or not.


What are you working on right now?

Book 2 of the Woodbury Boys Trilogy. It doesn't have a title yet, but it'll be the story of Tobias Benton, a character introduced in Book 1, Loose Cannon.


Are Ghost and Tobias going to end up together in the next book? I want/don't want them to.

Ghost and Tobias will have separate books and separate love stories, although the plot will carry over from one to the other. That's likely to be disappointing for some of you, while relieving other readers. My thinking on this is that Ghost and Tobias want and need very different things from a partner, and sometimes learning about why a relationship won't work can help you identify good relationships when they come along. As their backstories are revealed in the next two books, it'll become clearer as to why they're better off as friends. They will both get their HEA's, though! I promise, their white knights are waiting in the wings. Okay, I mixed that metaphor, but you know what I mean. ;D


Is Loose Cannon available in paperback?

Yup! Go here for buy links.


When does your next book come out? Will it be released in paperback?

The release date for the new book hasn't been set yet. It will probably (no promises!) be out sometime at the end of this year or in early 2018, but that's subject to change. I'm working on the manuscript now, though. I don't know yet if it will be released in paperback. That depends in part on the paperback sales of Loose Cannon.


Will Bad Judgment ever be published in paperback?

At this point, there are no plans to publish Bad Judgment in print. If that changes, I'll share that info on the website and in my newsletter.


What's this post-book content stuff you keep talking about?

I know lots of readers enjoy reading about the happy ever after stuff, but my books are already pretty long, so there isn't usually a lot of room for me to include long epilogues. So I decided to write up some of those ideas that would take place after a book ends and share them for free with readers via my newsletter. Sometimes I'll include things like deleted scenes, what characters do together on holidays, backstory stuff for secondary characters, and more. While much of this content is made available on each book's page eventually, some stuff is only accessible via my newsletter, so sign up if you're interested!


How do I get in touch with you for media questions, to contact your agent, or just to say how I felt about one of your books?

You can always reach me at 


Will you read the story I wrote?

I'm sorry, but no. Critiquing someone else's fiction is a lot of work, and if I spent time helping readers with their books, I'd never have time to work on my own books. It's a good idea to get feedback if you're a new writer, though! Try to find a local writer's group if you can. Or join a writing organization online that enables writers to submit critiques to each other. 


Will you be attending any conferences in my area?

No conferences are scheduled at this time. But if I find one I'm going to attend, I promise to put the info up on my website with as much advance warning as possible.