Patreon Overview

What is Patreon?

It's a website that helps writers (and artists and other creators) get paid for their work by providing patrons (i.e., folks like you) with access to cool stuff you can't get anywhere else.

How's it work?

As a patron of my work, you pay a bit of cash for each patron-only post I make--anywhere from $2 to $5 bucks, depending on how much in-depth content you're looking for. In return, you get exclusive access to stories that non-patrons will never see. Support from readers gives me the freedom to create work that doesn't fit within the closely-guarded bounds of traditional romance. My work runs the gamut, but tends to edge towards the angsty and dirty. It's usually male/male, but some other pairings might sneak in. While some stories are shorter and sweeter and funny, some are longer, darker, and definitely NSFW. The one common thread is love, folks. Always with the love.

C'mon. Gimme the specifics.

  • Different tiers of patronage based on your budget and interests.

  • I plan to post 3-5 times a year, although that's subject to change based on outside factors. I'll always keep you updated.

  • Even if you're a new patron, you can still get access to older content.

  • There are no contracts. You can quit at any time and rejoin again later.

  • Some stories are one-offs. Longer stories will release over multiple posts.

  • Behind the scenes content is available, including revision streams, story notes, writing tutorials, AMAs, and character bios.

Yeah, but what kind of stories would I be getting?

See for yourself below. And if any of that sounds interesting, take a look at my Patreon page to find out what other exclusive, behind-the-scenes rewards you can get for signing up. And even if none of this floats your boat, thanks for the interest in my work all the same. Consider checking out Patreon anyway; you might find other writers or artists you like!


Your Mileage May Vary

Nuke and Lee have been best friends since they rushed the same frat in college. They don’t have any secrets. Or at least that’s what Nuke thought until he stumbled across Lee’s porn collection. Now—well, now he doesn’t know what to think. He only knows he doesn’t share this kink of Lee’s. Doesn’t find it hot. Doesn’t understand it.

But he’s always taken care of Lee. It’s second nature by now to offer Lee what he needs. Even…this.

It’s just a favor between bros, that’s all.

Hot Brew

The Embry and Ghost romantic comedy meet cute. Based on a prompt from a reader, this is basically 6k words of flirting via baked goods at a coffee shop. It’s the fiction equivalent of cute cat pictures. Available to patrons as soon as they sign up!

Rough Trade Additional Scenes


-deleted/alternate first chapters

-Ghost and Duncan experimenting in the bedroom

-Ghost and Tobias and Church together one last time