Rough Trade Cover Reveal

The cover of Rough Trade will be revealed at Boy Meets Boy Reviews on August 11th! That's Saturday, for those of you who don't really do the calendar thing. Like, two days from now. 

I'm really excited for you guys to see it. I think it's my favorite cover since Bad Judgment.

I'll post a link on Saturday when it goes live to make it easier to find.

Also, the blurb will be revealed at the same time, so you can finally find out what the darn book is about. I mean, yeah, it's Ghost's book, so you can obviously expect epic amounts of catty sarcasm, but it'll be good to get a sense of the meat-and-potatoes of the thing, right?

In a month or so, I'll have the excerpt up, and then we'll really be rolling.

Oh, and did you notice my website's all squeaky clean and new? My old blog and home page just weren't working for me, and so I finally put on my big-girl pants and sat down and figured out how to use Squarespace. Kudos to me, because it doesn't look like a rabid squirrel built it. 

And finally, I'm on Instagram now! Yay! I don't really know what the hell I'm doing yet, but yay! I figure I'll post some covers and some pretty things. Maybe I'll show you guys what library books I'm reading. For your own sanity, prepare for some speed bumps, pretty please--the learning curve is gonna be steep on this one. Until now, I've been a strictly unadventurous lurker--it's all photos of office supplies and bullet journal spreads. Oh, and videos of Pittsburgh Penguins players playing PUBG and NHL17, for some strange reason. I really like that. It's okay if you think I'm weird now. 

The point is that it took me ages to get my first photo up.

Huh. Kinda a lot going on this week. No wonder I need wine.