The Hard Line Cover Reveal

Hard Line has a cover! Woo! And you can see it today at Boy Meets Boy Reviews! They have been kind enough to do a cover reveal for me, so check it out here

It's seriously gorgeous, you guys. And while the Bad Judgment cover is still my favorite, Hard Line is definitely running a close second. I've been lucky with my covers, which is saying something, because I'm super picky. 

Crap! I almost forgot. I was going to say that before you wander over to take a look at the Hard Line cover, you should say what your favorite book covers are! I don't know if you can upload pics in the comments section, but feel free to crash my site trying. And if it won't work here, hit me up at Goodreads or FB where it might be easier. I don't really understand technology, in case that isn't clear.

Double crap! The page for Hard Line is up now, along with pre-order links, the blurb, and the excerpt. Take a look here. April 2nd, folks! :D