Want More of Ghost and Duncan?

For a lot of readers, a 496-page book is intimidating.

Not my readers. My readers eat books that size for breakfast. It’s fucking awesome. You’re all fucking awesome.

In fact, some of you guys have emailed me asking for even more.


More closure. More feels. More happy-ever-after fluff.

So I thought I’d remind everyone (and clue in any new folks) that there’s a way to get that stuff.

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After every book, I put additional content in my newsletter. Deleted scenes are often part of it, but I also usually include scenes that are set after the original book ends. And there are two scenes that I’m planning to include that I think readers might appreciate.

1) Ghost explaining to Church and Tobias about why he’s taking the trip to Oklahoma near the end of the book.

2) Ghost and Duncan branching out a little in the bedroom.

And I’m thinking about eventually releasing the original first chapter of the book, the one that I ended up pulling because it was simply too dark. Maybe some other stuff. We’ll see.

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Either way, thanks for giving Rough Trade a try. I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed by the positive response the book has gotten.