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Dream Story Prompts

Is there something you've always wanted to see in a romance novel? Some trope that you can't get enough of? Some relationship quirk that you'd love to see explored? Wish something about one of my books had gone down a slightly different path? Are you one of those folks who were shipping Ghost and Tobias? (You can be honest. I know you guys are out there. It’s okay.)

Whatever it is that your little heart desires, now might be your chance to see it on the page.

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Moving On

You know how there are different types of relationships? Some of them are shallow flirtations and some of them are deep, lifelong connections and some are hot-and-heavy-and-not-much-else.

There's one particular type of relationship that I have in mind here. Most of us have had this one at some point: The One That’s Not Quite The One. Close but no cigar. Do not pass go. Do not live happily ever after.

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