Oops! Excerpt and Explanation!

Hey guys!

Obviously I'm a little late with this week's Hard Line excerpt, but I have a really good reason--I sort of forgot what day of the week it is.

That sounds stupid, I know, but it's not because I've been lazy. Just the opposite, in fact...I've been wrapping up Ghost's book, and it's coming together so nicely and I'm soooo close. I've been running ragged, to be honest, trying to finish it, and it keeps growing as I realize I want more and more development here at the end. It's been good but exhausting, and tonight was the first time in days that I decided I was just going to say hell with it and sit down and have some fun, relaxing time. 

At which point I remembered that it was Sunday and I forgot to leave the excerpt! D'oh!

So long story short, here it is. And as promised, something a little bit closer to the 'lovers' end of the enemies-to-lovers spectrum!

“You made a mess of my kitchen.” Sullivan turned his wrist over so he could trail a thumb over a smear of flour on Tobias’s hand. “And you’re not in much better shape.”

“That’s what happens when someone bakes something for someone.”

Sullivan stood up straight, struck dumb by the flutter of warmth in his chest at Tobias’s words. “Did you bake it for me? Or did you just bake it?”

Tobias’s cheeks flared crimson. “I prefer konparèt.”

“I have no idea what that is,” Sullivan murmured.

“It’s Haitian,” Tobias said, staring at his mouth. It was the middle of the night and they were both riding a mixture of exhaustion and sugar high, and Sullivan maybe wasn’t thinking straight. He could decide if those were good excuses or not tomorrow. Now, he simply gave in to the urge to press a ripe-cherry-red kiss to Tobias’s mouth, tentative and slow, little more than a brushing of lips. Tobias kissed him back instantly, angling his body so that their chests brushed and that was good. Sullivan leaned back against the counter, his hands finding Tobias’s hips, tugging him closer, and that was even better.

--Excerpt from Hard Line, by Sidney Bell. Copyright 2018.