Rough Trade Excerpt and A Newsletter Giveaway

We’re doing the newsletter announcement part first, because I think I might lose some of you as soon as I give the link to the excerpt. And I want you stay for this bit, so I’m holding back the link to make you sit through this first. What can I say? I’m mean.

Anyway, my next newsletter will have the last of the Tobias/Sullivan post-book content for Hard Line, and in honor of that occasion, I’ve decided to have a little giveaway. Three paperback copies of Hard Line, and the only way you’ll know how to enter is if you get my newsletter. So sign up here.

And now on to the more important news: the Rough Trade excerpt is ready! You’re getting the first two chapters, dear reader. There are buy links at the end of it if you want to preorder—except for Kobo, which for some reason is always the last vendor to load my books. If you’re a Kobo fan, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to preorder, sorry.

A quick caveat, though. The first two books in the trilogy start with a chapter that explains the primary reason that each character ended up in Woodbury—Church because he needs to overcome the anger issues he inherited from an abusive father, and Tobias because of an incident that happened during a mental health crisis. The first chapter of Rough Trade does likewise for Ghost, but also includes scenes tangential to how he landed in Woodbury, scenes that fill in plot holes from the first two books in the trilogy.

The problem is that Rough Trade, by necessity of being the last book in the trilogy, kind of has a lot of references to previous events, and this is never more true than in this first chapter. Folks who’ve read the first two books should be fine, and will probably be glad I finally got around to showing a couple of these incidents in scene form so they can get a better picture of pivotal events.

New readers obviously won’t know what makes these scenes such turning points at first, though, and may feel a little left out. I’ve tried to make sure that new readers won’t get lost, but if Rough Trade is your first venture into this series and it feels like there’s a lot going on in the first chapter, don’t panic. Those scenes will get unpacked for you a bit more as the book progresses and new events take place.

So. Get some here.