Wanna read some more Rough Trade? Or some Hard Line?

We’re exactly one month out from the release of Rough Trade, and that means it’s time to start up my weekly reveals. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s probably because I used to do this on FB. But as multiple clever people pointed out, not everyone’s on FB, so I decided to start doing them as blog posts. Usually for these reveals (occurring every Saturday until the release!) I include tidbits about my heroes and/or quotes or paragraphs from deeper in the book than the excerpt gets.

Although for this first one, I picked a doozy—the entire third chapter. I’ve added it to the already-existing excerpt, and you can find that here. It’s kinda blood-soaked, but you will get your first glimpse (so to speak) of Ghost’s love interest finally.

Also, the last of the Hard Line extra content will go out this weekend in my newsletter (and it’s got some very NSFW content, so beware where you read it). For anyone reading this who may have missed it, don’t panic. I’ll get around to putting all of that stuff up on my website sooner or later. But I’m planning to do the same thing for future books, and newsletter readers get early access, so sign up here and you won’t miss a thing.

I think that’s it for this one, folks. See you next Saturday!