Ready for Something New?

You know how I’ve been hinting about a side project for ages? Well, it’s time.

I’m on Patreon now!

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Some of you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

The gist is that Patreon is a website that tries to hook creators like me up with people like you, folks who might be interested in the stuff we’re making. If you go there, you can sign up to support my work and get access to lots of exclusive fiction that no one else gets to read. There’s no contract or monthly fee. You only get charged when I release something new, and you can select the tier of membership you want based on the rewards you’re interested in and the amount you want to pay.

It’s a pretty good deal for both of us.

But what am I going to be posting on Patreon?

Good question. To answer it, let me talk about the new novella I’m releasing on May 1st. Yep, the May that’s happening in, like, a month.

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What’s it about, you may ask?

Well, it's about kinky porn. Sort of. Mostly it’s about what happens when someone finds your secret stash of kinky porn (kinky porn of a sort that you’re maybe kind of embarrassed or even ashamed about).

Okay, it's about love, too. College frat bros doing anything for each other. A favor that ends up not really being a favor. Idiots who can't communicate for shit but have too many feelings to let go. Despite how many times I’ve said kinky porn, it’s not erotica. It’s a love story along the lines of my other love stories. If you like my other stuff, you might like this too.

But wait, there’s more!

Remember that contest for dream prompts I ran? @rafabrew submitted an idea on Twitter that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. She wanted a Ghost/Embry rom-com meet cute. So I wrote it. And despite my mother’s concerns when I gave it to her to read, it won’t make you feel like you’re helping either guy cheat on their respective partner. It might make you want pastries, though, because it’s set in a coffee shop. That’s right, I wrote a coffee shop AU in which Ghost is a snarky barista and Embry spends half his time scowling at delicious muffins because they have too much sugar. It’s really fluffy, you guys. It’s basically the fiction equivalent of kitten pictures.

Hot Brew Canva Title Graphic.jpg

Did I mention that Hot Brew is free?! FREE FREE FREE! All you have to do in order to read it right this very second is to go to my Patreon page and sign up to support Your Mileage May Vary when it comes out.

It doesn’t come with a free frogurt.

It doesn’t come with a free frogurt.

So come on over to Patreon and read Hot Brew. And then stick around until May 1st to read Your Mileage May Vary.