Your Mileage May Vary Excerpt (and Three Facts!)

Okay, so the excerpt is posted for my new novella, releasing on May 1st, only on Patreon. You can read it here.

But before you go, I have three little facts for your reading pleasure.

1) The whole time I’ve been working on this, I’ve thought of it as “the kink story” because the working title was an unwieldy mess that I almost instantly knew I’d never use. I talk a little bit more about this in one of the special features I’m putting together for the story, if you’re interested.

2) This story is responsible for the entirety of my knowledge of the painter Thomas Kincade. I’m really sorry that I didn’t know about him when I was still in my “decorating your home like an adult means buying artwork” phase, because holy shit, I would absolutely be lowbrow enough to buy one of his paintings to hang on my wall if I could afford it. One of the superhero ones. Maybe this one.

3) My point-of-view character goes by Nuke because his real name is Daniel Nuka, and there’s no way a frat boy has that last name without getting called Nuke for four years. No earthly way.