About that Newsletter Doodad

I had a ball making my recent newsletter. Well, okay, the process of figuring out what to include wasn't much fun, and MailChimp had a slightly steeper learning curve than I was expecting, but I had a really good time revisiting the characters from Bad Judgment. Checking in with Brogan and Embry was a spur of the moment thing, but it was the most enjoyable part of the whole newsletter process, so I think I'm going to keep doing it for future newsletters.

Since this past newsletter had a small blurb about how Brogan and Embry do Halloween, maybe next time I'll figure out what they're doing for Thanksgiving. And I already know what they'll be doing for Christmas and New Year's. (It's not what you'd expect!) ;D So sign up for the newsletter if you're interested. Link to the doodad is all the way at the bottom of the page here.