Happy Halloween and Title News!

It's a very overcast Halloween here in Oregon. If the sky lives up to its promise, the kids are gonna need a tumble dry by the time they get home tonight.

I'm hard at work on the revisions for my new book, which officially has a title! It's called Loose Cannon, a title that I'm actually really pleased with. (I am really bad at titles. Honestly, truly. I am not being modest for the internet). And this is the second book in a row where my editor has had to pass along the marketing department's nicely-phrased suggestion that I prepare a back-up list of titles not just once, but twice. Because of the bad.

But it only took me a few weeks (weeks, gulp!) to finally land on Loose Cannon, which I am now pleased to share with you guys. One of my heroes, Church, is a smart-mouth with a few anger issues. He's trying to rebuild his life after a rocky adolescence, and he's very much a loose cannon indeed.

The revisions are going well. Fortunately, my betas were very thorough and I went through about three major drafts before I even sent it to my editor, so the book was already in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, I'm at that stage of revision whiplash where I've moved on from thinking that the book is brilliant to thinking that it's horrible, regardless of what anyone says. I'm sure I'll whip back around to thinking it's good again soon, because revision whiplash is a chronic problem ;D

Still, it's a relief to have a nice title reveal to take my mind off the stress. And since you can't have a holiday without seasonal decorations, I give you...It's the Giant Pumpkin, Revolutionary-Era Dudes. No, that is not the real title. I chose it because apparently Charlie Brown Specials are a permanent fixation leftover from childhood. I couldn't find the title of the picture. I have no clue what the story here is either, but I find the giant pumpkin quite sketchy. It's probably going to eat one of the pilgrims in a minute.

Giant Pumpkin.jpg

Happy Halloween everyone! Trick or Treat safely!