20 Days! Also, tech is stupid.

Only 20 days until Bad Judgment comes out!

I'm starting to get that excited feeling that usually only shows up in kids when they get a couple weeks out from Christmas. That's probably to be expected. I mean, first book and all. But still, it's both nice and sort of terrifying. 

I'm still posting tidbits of the book on FB on Saturdays. None of them are from the excerpt, so it's all new material. I don't think you have to have an account to read them, so go here if you're interested.

In completely unrelated news, yesterday my writing software was being a...pill (you can probably guess that I wanted to use a much ruder word) and I was forced to call technical support because none of my Office documents would open. For the record, I am five days from the due date for the draft of my next book. I will admit that I did get a little high-pitched when I got to that part of the explanation with the unlucky person whose job it was to help me.

I didn't yell at her or anything. I wasn't even a jerk, even when it looked like I might have to buy the whole Office suite again because I couldn't find my product key--I was very proud of myself for that. Not being a jerk shouldn't be something to be proud of, I know, since it's kind of the bare minimum expectation of human interaction, but I was sort of on the verge of panic, so I think I can be forgiven for finding it difficult. 

Anyone who's ever worked in customer service knows how crappy it feels to get chewed out for something beyond your control, but anyone who's ever been screwed over by Microsoft knows how it feels to want to scream even when the perfectly nice customer service lady isn't responsible. 

Sometimes it really sucks being mature and grown up, right? 

Anyway, it did get fixed eventually (I only had to give her complete control of my computer for three hours. No big, huh?), but I lost a huge chunk of work time that I swore I'd make up today. And here I am blogging!

Seriously, though, I am getting to work. Time waits for no book, or something like that. Have a great weekend!

(20 days!)