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Traveling Is For The Birds

This is where I tell you that if you have flying fear or are traveling soon or just dislike really tasteless humor about plane crashes, you should hit the back button now. I sometimes deal with stress in weird, callous ways, often by offering terrifying facts or making inappropriate jokes about real issues, and if you're offended or freaked by that sort of thing, feel free to nope on out of here. Consider yourself duly warned.

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Congration! You Done It!

This is going to be a packed month.

For one thing, we're moving at the end of June. We'll be heading back to Colorado, where my husband and I were both raised. This is both good news and bad--good because our families are there, and they mostly like us, and bad because moving sucks, especially when you're crossing a third of the country. Driving one of those big trucks while towing a car is basically my worst driving nightmare (I'm a nervous driver--too many accidents because of other peoples' mistakes. Teenage boys fiddling with the radio, I'm glaring at you.). 

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Free Stuff, Cover News, and Arguing Hubbies

Just to get business out of the way, my April 2017 release has a cover! And I love it! I sent it out with my November newsletter, and I've gotten some good feedback on it, and I'll be posting it here as well in the next few days.

Next, the Winter Wonderland Booklovers Giveaway starts today! Click the link below and scavenge for a chance to win gift cards while finding new authors. Apparently there's a lot of repeat scavengers, so it must be lots of fun. ;D

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