5 Obscure Facts About Loose Cannon

1. I got Church's name from overhearing the phone conversation a random girl was having while walking past my office window. She was complaining about the misspelling of a band named Churches, which apparently spelled their name with a V somewhere. I don't know how you end up spelling Churches with a V, and I never looked it up because I was too busy thinking "I wonder if I can make that work as a name--minus the V." I'm clearly not cool enough to know about bands, but regardless, the name stuck.

2. I wrote the first half of Loose Cannon in present tense, back before I knew that most romance readers prefer past tense. Changing it was far more time consuming than I'd thought it would be. My knowledge of grammar is not flawless, I'll admit. 

3. The ebook is out on April 3rd! The paperback is out on April 4th! Okay, this one isn't obscure, but it's important, so we'll both have to come to terms with the fact that I'm a teensy bit of a liar. Sorry.

4. It took a gazillion years to come up with the title of the book. A gazillion. I'm not exaggerating. Not even a little. (Maybe a little). There were definitely a gazillion bad titles that were dismissed before we got to the right one. The original working title was Runners. I knew I wasn't going to use that one almost the moment I came up with it, but I didn't have anything better, so I stuck with it for months.

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