Loose Cannon Post-Book Content

I really have fun producing post-book content for my newsletters. And for Bad Judgment I just let the wind take me wherever it felt like going. Apparently it went in the direction of Brogan being ridiculously sappy and Embry disapproving of pretty much everything. So...basically the same stuff that was in the book.

But the whole point of post-book content is to give you guys a chance to see stuff that you're excited about, so in the interest of doing that, I'm going to ask a couple questions. Sort of an informal poll dealie. And you can comment here or on Facebook or on Twitter. Whatever's most convenient for you. 

Bear in mind that I've never done a poll before, so there might be flaws. A softball question might've snuck in. That sort of thing.

Question the First! Which of the following would you like to see most? (Try not to pick more than three if you can, to avoid breaking my brain with too much information).

a) Deleted scenes/altered versions of scenes/behind the scenes stories about the crafting of the book.

b) Happy, fluffy time stamps of Miller and Church's relationship down the road, i.e. holidays, birthdays, private time (ahem). 

c) Angsty time stamps (though ultimately reassuring ones), i.e. being able to see them work through problems together, hurt/comfort scenes where they take care of each other, etc.

d) Off-screen past moments, such as the scene in which Church came out to Miller as a teenager.

e) Secondary Character stuff. Now, before anyone starts getting excited about Ghost's backstory, you should know that ain't gonna happen. That would be spoiling stuff that'll show up later in the trilogy. BUT! I'd be open to showing little scenes from the guys' time together in Woodbury. There's also stuff with Shelby and Em I could write about. Or Church's mom, who has a whole character arc that I put together mainly because I couldn't bear the idea of letting her story end where it does in Loose Cannon.

f) Or give me your suggestions. Did I miss something you'd like to see? Let me know. I reserve the right to say no (nicely, I promise), because I've got to follow my muse to a certain extent, but who knows? I might be deeply inspired by something someone comes up with. 

Question the Second!

Which one is cuter? Kitty?


Or birdies?

Ha! It's a trick question, because the actual answer is C, Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby teaching little kids how to hockey! 

Obviously this is the softball question, and doesn't really have a place in this quiz, but I somehow doubt anyone would prefer that I left it out. ;D

Sid 3.jpg