Hard Line Excerpt #3

Hey guys! We're getting so close to the release of Hard Line! Only a couple more weeks! 

So without further ado (or any at all, really), here's this week's mini-excerpt!

“What is this?” Tobias asked, unthinkingly. His experience of romance until now had been simple, almost careless in comparison to the way this thing with Sullivan was building with countless small collisions and subtexts that Tobias couldn’t keep up with. He didn’t understand how Sullivan worked, how he kept making the ground beneath Tobias’s feet seem like thin ice, how Tobias could hold all the cards and yet still feel like Sullivan was the one winning the game.

He ran his gaze over Sullivan, looking for some clue to this strange hum between them. Sullivan wore jeans, big black boots and a snug, plain gray T-shirt that showed off the stark black tattoos that covered both arms all the way up to disappear under the fabric. If he’d put gel in his hair that morning, it’d already given up, because the brown strands were loose and soft and barely out of his eyes where they’d fallen to one side. He looked good. Really good. But there were other attractive people in the world, and Tobias had never felt desire like this—razor-tipped and biting and all too capable of dragging his attention away from the important things. There was nothing romantic about it.

Sullivan’s face went blank. “This is business.”

--Excerpt from Hard Line by Sidney Bell, copyright 2018

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