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Saturday Morning Excerpt

Hey guys!

So it's a Saturday in March, and that means we get a tidbit of Hard Line to celebrate that we're a month away from release! (That's April 2nd for the ebook, April 24th for the paperback, folks). Now, last year I did this on FB, but I had a bunch of readers point out that they aren't on FB anymore, so I decided to post these in the blog instead. But I'll still put up alerts on FB (and Goodreads and Twitter), never fear! So without further ado...

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Conversation Saturdays and The Last of Bad Judgment

Hello all! 

As you may have seen on my homepage, now that we're a couple months away from the release of Loose Cannon, I've decided to repeat the pre-release weekend excerpt/teaser thing that I did last year when Bad Judgment came out. That means that for each of the Saturdays in February and March, I'll be posting a small teaser for Loose Cannon on my Facebook page. You can find that here

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A Little Sumthin'-Sumthin'

Want to read tidbits from Bad Judgment? Go here.

From now until the book comes out (Sept 19!), I'm gonna be releasing small bits of conversations and scenes on Facebook as part of Carina Press's Conversation Saturdays. They'll be short, but they'll come from different parts of the novel, not just the first chapter or two, like the official excerpt will, so you won't be re-reading something you may have looked at already.

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