Free Stuff, Cover News, and Arguing Hubbies

Just to get business out of the way, my April 2017 release has a cover! And I love it! I sent it out with my November newsletter, and I've gotten some good feedback on it, and I'll be posting it here as well in the next few days.

Next, the Winter Wonderland Booklovers Giveaway starts today! Click the link below and scavenge for a chance to win gift cards while finding new authors. Apparently there's a lot of repeat scavengers, so it must be lots of fun. ;D

And apropos of absolutely nothing, this happened last night: 

My husband: What is that you're singing?

Me: It's that stupid song from that episode of Todd in the Shadows we watched. 

My husband: Yes, I can tell, but that doesn't explain--wait, I thought you hated that song.

Me: I do. It's creepy and disgusting.

My husband: So why are you singing it then?

Me: Because it got stuck in my head! I'm trying to stop, okay? Don't judge me. Leave me alone.

My husband: Uh-huh. You've also got the lyrics from one song and the tune from another there.

Me: I've got crap from one crap to another crap, just like your, that got a little mean. Sorry. I love you.

My husband (sighing): You do know that Blurred Lines doesn't go, "I'm bringing sexy back," right?

Me: Does too.

My husband: Nope, not even a little bit. 

Me:, does too.

My husband: Justin Timberlake, babe.

Me: Why are you like this?

*For the record, I looked it up, and yeah, I was singing a Justin Timberlake lyric to a Blurred Lines tune. Which is actually an improvement to the real Blurred Lines lyrics, in my opinion, so I'm gonna pretend I did that on purpose. Unfairly, all of my righteous indignation did not stop my husband from laughing at me for way too long.

**Also, Todd in the Shadows is quite possibly the coolest guy on the planet besides my husband, because he has excellent critical thinking skills and a deep understanding of Nice Guy Syndrome, which he is not afraid to use against douchey pop singers, as in his video analyzing "Treat You Better" by Shawn Mendes. Is douchey spelled with an E? Huh.

Anyway, go give Todd some love here if you're interested. Caution, he's a little R-rated. But if you're here because you've read my books, I'm guessing that a little foul language probably doesn't bug you too much.