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Traveling Is For The Birds

This is where I tell you that if you have flying fear or are traveling soon or just dislike really tasteless humor about plane crashes, you should hit the back button now. I sometimes deal with stress in weird, callous ways, often by offering terrifying facts or making inappropriate jokes about real issues, and if you're offended or freaked by that sort of thing, feel free to nope on out of here. Consider yourself duly warned.

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That Thing Where I Do Stuff

Some of you might remember me blathering about a side project. This was ages ago, so if you don’t remember, don’t feel bad. Up until a couple weeks ago, I’d put it aside to the point where I’d nearly forgotten it too.

But now I’m sort of mid-process with my publisher about what the next steps are now that Ghost’s book is done, and while I’m killing time on my end of it, the side project has come to the fore once again.

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Literally the Stuff on My Desk. I'm Sorry.

Usually when I sit down to write a blog post, I spend a lot of time running through possible ideas. My response to most of these is: no one will care about that. Since I spend a lot of time writing about office supplies and stupid crap like that, I'm probably right most of the time. Which is why I've been trying to spend more time writing about book stuff, since I figure if you're showing up at my site, you're at least vaguely interested in my books.

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In Defense of the HEA

You could say I have a bit of a bone to pick. Which might explain why this is really long. 

Damon Suede called romance "The literature of hope." Some folks might say that that's an inflated description for dinky little love stories; those folks don't know what they're talking about. I'm not saying that to be rude so much as to express that they are working from a fundamental misunderstanding of the genre, one that is usually based in some mixture of sexism, superiority and an unfamiliarity with the texts in question. 

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