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Rough Trade Release Date, Deleted Scenes and Stuff

Rough Trade has a release date!

The ebook will be out on December 3, 2018 and the paperback will be out December 25th!

The line edits for Ghost's book are done, so all that’s left on my end is a read-thru of whatever the copyeditor comes up with. Oh, and getting the word out. I'm not that great at marketing, tbh, so I tend to get stressed out around this point in the process, but there is some exciting stuff nonetheless. Like what, you may ask?

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The Birth of Bad Judgment

Okay, to be honest up front, this post is probably NSFW. There are no images and no explicit language, but there's a lot of discussion of sex, so be warned.

Everyone at work gone? Hopefully to return later? Okay. Well, you might be wondering why I'm talking about a book that came out last year, but in all the hubbub of the 99 cent sale, I've had Bad Judgment on the brain. I thought you guys might be interested in knowing how the book came to be.

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Free Stuff, Cover News, and Arguing Hubbies

Just to get business out of the way, my April 2017 release has a cover! And I love it! I sent it out with my November newsletter, and I've gotten some good feedback on it, and I'll be posting it here as well in the next few days.

Next, the Winter Wonderland Booklovers Giveaway starts today! Click the link below and scavenge for a chance to win gift cards while finding new authors. Apparently there's a lot of repeat scavengers, so it must be lots of fun. ;D

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