Polling the Audience

I've been toying with some new content ideas for the website. Most of what I come up with sounds pretty cool to me, but anyone who's been reading this mess...ahem, blog, knows that I can be deeply uncool, so my opinion is perhaps not to be trusted. For that reason, I thought I'd get some feedback before I move forward.

One of the things I've been considering is playlists. I frequently write to music, and as I go through a book, some songs seems to show up again and again because they're particularly effective at setting mood or voice. For example, Embry, one of my heroes from Bad Judgment, has a theme. Any time I had trouble getting into his head (which is a whirlpool of jagged feelings, half of which are cranky, and half of which are about how pretty Brogan's hair is, so it sometimes felt like diving into rough waters), I'd listen to his theme. Which is maybe dorky, but it worked, so I'm not gonna be ashamed of it now.

Anyway, I was thinking about putting a link to the song up on the Bad Judgment page. And maybe posting a list of other songs that worked for key moments in the book or meant something to me while I was writing. Sort of a behind-the-scenes via music deal.

Is this the kind of thing that people like to know about, though? Does anyone really care that I listened to the same song over and over? I don't know. I mean, as a reader, that's the sort of thing I would be interested in, if it were from a writer whose work I was stalking...um, paying attention to. I've been known to spend some serious time looking at behind-the-scenes content. But other people probably have lives and stuff.

Other things I was toying with include me waxing on about the process of writing the book. Talking about the difficult parts or the elements that flowed really easily. Or maybe I could cover how I came up with the original idea. With Bad Judgment, this mostly consisted of a very odd conversation in which my mother and I wondered aloud about how profitable writing porn might be. It wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as you'd think, mostly because my mom is amazing and awesome, but also because we'd both had some wine. And since Bad Judgment isn't porn, there's obviously more to that story. Sort of. But again, maybe people just don't get into that sort of thing the way I do. 

So what kind of stuff do you like seeing on author websites? Are you as deeply nosy as I am? If you have thoughts on wanting to see either of these things (or not)--or if you have other ideas or questions about content, either comment below or, if you're shy, shoot me an email. 

Either way, we'll end today with a picture of a cart before a horse. Since that's what I'm doing by assuming you'll be coming back to read anything on my blog anyway, regardless of what I post about.