Literally the Stuff on My Desk. I'm Sorry.

Usually when I sit down to write a blog post, I spend a lot of time running through possible ideas. My response to most of these is: no one will care about that. Since I spend a lot of time writing about office supplies and stupid crap like that, I'm probably right most of the time. Which is why I've been trying to spend more time writing about book stuff, since I figure if you're showing up at my site, you're at least vaguely interested in my books.

But I've spent the last few weeks doing edits and other maintenance stuff for Tobias's book, Hard Line, and if I have to work on that for another second, even in a blog post, I'll set fire to my head, so we're going in a different direction today.

As you might be aware, after my husband graduated with his Ph.D., we moved back to Colorado, where we have family and stuff. Right now we're squatting with said family (poor bastards) and that means I'm using a temporary work space. So I thought I'd include pictures of that work space. I'm not sure where I got the idea that any of you guys would care about what my desk looks like, but I'm too lazy to come up with something better at this point, so here we are, stuck together in a sea of sad Office Depot references.

Anyway. This is the left side of my desk, yo. 


Here you can see my nifty printer/fax machine/scanner and my box o'clutter, which has a picture of Spider-Man on the lid. I bought my husband a Spider-Man shirt, and this is what it came in. Fancy.


Inside the Spider-Man box are my external hard drive, a bunch of cords for various electronic devices, my hedgehog pencil sharpener and a bag of the best erasers in the whole world. Bear in mind that yes, I did get the sharpener and erasers at Office Depot, because that is my happy place. Don't judge me.


He's cute though, no?

Here are the erasers. Which are not to scale, fortunately, because if they were, those ladybugs would be fucking terrifying. 


Yup, that's food erasers plus a phone and a turntable and a video camera thingy. Also courtesy of Office Depot. Best. Erasers. In. The. World. 

Although, if I'm wrong and you have better erasers, feel free to share. I love a good eraser. Because I'm weird, mostly, but also because they're objectively awesome.

Here's the right side of my desk. I can't believe you're still reading this post. What the hell? You must be at work. That's the only explanation.


Here we have my pencil cup and my mousie and my metal thingie that holds stuff and a bunch of notes. The pencil cup is notable only because it's proof that I like ink of different colors and because my pencil has zebra stripes, because that's damn adorable and I dig it.

The tea in that cup? Super cold. It's been there for hours. That's some real behind-the-scenes knowledge right there. You're welcome.

The stuff on my metal thingie is assorted files. Because I'm pretty garbage at taking pictures, you can't see the top, which has a bunch of binders where I keep old royalty statements and ongoing research and resources and contracts and tax stuff. The drawer thingies have more tax stuff, sheet protectors and a couple notebooks for when I want to brainstorm.

My actual piles of notes there are for ongoing projects. Some of them are about Tobias's book, which I just finished the proofs for, so they'll be going in the trash later today (and we're not talking anymore about this, see the above re: setting hair on fire). The other stacks of notes (except one) are for Ghost's book, sorted by some logic that even I'm not too clear on. You can see the very top of my bullet journal under the big pile--that thing's basically joined to my hip, because it's where I keep track of everything and I'd be lost without it.

The last pile, on the far right, are notes for a side project that I'm developing. I'm not going to talk about that any more yet, but soon, I think. 

I thought about including pictures of my office supply cabinet, but then I decided that's the sort of thing people should have to earn. If you just give people gold like that right off the bat, they won't appreciate it, you know? Plus I already gave you a picture of a plastic hedgehog. What are you, greedy? Jeez.