Conversation Saturdays and The Last of Bad Judgment

Hello all! 

As you may have seen on my homepage, now that we're a couple months away from the release of Loose Cannon, I've decided to repeat the pre-release weekend excerpt/teaser thing that I did last year when Bad Judgment came out. That means that for each of the Saturdays in February and March, I'll be posting a small teaser for Loose Cannon on my Facebook page. You can find that here

Last year I referred to the release of these teasers as Conversation Saturdays. The name came from an event my publisher was running at the time. The idea was to showcase particularly snarky or fun bits of dialogue between your characters, hence the 'Conversation' part. The 'Saturday' part is hopefully self-explanatory.

Now that I think of it, Conversation Saturdays is kind of a confusing name, particularly since I abandoned the dialogue format almost instantly. Bad Judgment is kind of twisty in places, and it was hard enough to find stuff without spoilers or that didn't need a lot of context to make sense without limiting myself further by sticking to chunks of actual dialogue. Still, even if the name is confusing, I'm probably the only person on the planet who is amused by the idea of calling it the Pre-Release Weekend Excerpt/Teaser Thingy, so maybe I'm right to stick with what I've got.

Each of the teasers are short (200 words, tops), and they're not retreads from the official excerpt. All deep cuts, I promise.

In unrelated news, it's time to say good-bye to the post-book content from Bad Judgment. The last tidbit was an alternate (and much older) version of the epilogue, told from Brogan's point of view. It went out with my newsletter a week ago, but it's finally up on the Bad Judgment tidbits page, which you can find here. The link is also at the very bottom of the Bad Judgment page, in case you find that helpful info to have.

Future newsletters will have tidbits featuring Loose Cannon characters, and perhaps some backstories or setup for book 2 of the trilogy. Honestly, it depends on my mood at the time that I'm putting the newsletter together. I gotta follow my bliss, man.