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Gettin' Fighty

Sometimes it's hard to draw a line between writing healthy relationships, realistic relationships, and the sort of conflict-based relationships that are crucial for page-turning fiction.

Let me give you an example with some mild spoilers. In Bad Judgment, my two heroes get into an argument. They're both tired and pissed off and neither one is getting what he wants from the other and they're too emotionally involved at this point to walk away. Neither one has any good options. There's no obviously right answer. It's just a shitty situation and they don't know how to handle it.

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The Birth of Bad Judgment

Okay, to be honest up front, this post is probably NSFW. There are no images and no explicit language, but there's a lot of discussion of sex, so be warned.

Everyone at work gone? Hopefully to return later? Okay. Well, you might be wondering why I'm talking about a book that came out last year, but in all the hubbub of the 99 cent sale, I've had Bad Judgment on the brain. I thought you guys might be interested in knowing how the book came to be.

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Bad Judgment Signed Paperback Giveaway!

Through a lucky twist of fate, I have fifteen copies of Bad Judgment to give away. In paperback.

In case it's not clear why that last bit is worthy of being italicized, let me be clear--there are no plans to print more copies of Bad Judgment. At this moment, it is very unlikely that it will ever be offered as anything other than an ebook, so this might literally be your only chance to get a hard copy.

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Conversation Saturdays and The Last of Bad Judgment

Hello all! 

As you may have seen on my homepage, now that we're a couple months away from the release of Loose Cannon, I've decided to repeat the pre-release weekend excerpt/teaser thing that I did last year when Bad Judgment came out. That means that for each of the Saturdays in February and March, I'll be posting a small teaser for Loose Cannon on my Facebook page. You can find that here

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