Rough Trade, Being Law-Abiding, and Post-Book Content

It’s writing update time!

First about Ghost’s book, which now has a title: Rough Trade. It may be interesting to note that of all my books so far, this is the only one where my original working title survived all the way through to the end. The others were all horrible to start and had to be fixed, but Rough Trade worked for everyone from the start. I choose to take it as a sign that I’m getting better at naming things.

One of the perks of not blogging frequently enough is that I have actual news to deliver when I do show up. Not only does Ghost’s book have a title, but the draft is done! Plus, not only is the draft done, I’m already hard at work on developmental edits! What are those, you may ask? Well, that’s the big stuff. If a character needs major revamping, or if a plot point isn’t working, or if there’s a distinct lack of heat in the manuscript, all that stuff gets addressed in this first pass. Later we’ll have line edits (“this paragraph is confusing, and the detail about Woodbury contradicts what you said before”) and then copyedits (“seriously, learn how to use a comma, Sidney, you’re a professional now”). 

Since I have you, I should mention that the EU has a new law coming into affect that affects yours truly. If you're signed up for my newsletter, it affects you, too, unfortunately. What it basically means is that writers who have readers/customers/pals in the EU have to comply with the law, which is intended to keep folks from mismanaging other people's data online (to the best of my understanding anyway). 

What does this mean for you? It's easy. If you're on my newsletter list, I sent you an email asking you to confirm that you want to keep getting my newsletter. If you want to pretend I no longer exist, feel free to ignore it. Don't worry about me; I'll be fine.

However, if you like getting my (infrequent and unpredictable and occasionally full of typos) newsletter, open the email and check the box to update your settings. Super easy. Beware: if you don't do this, you'll never hear from me again. Either way, now that I've sent you an email, I'm not going to be a criminal! WOOT.

As for why you might want to keep my newsletter coming...I'm starting to look into the post-book content for Hard Line. I'm hoping to get something out to you guys sometime in late June or early July. The hardest part of it is figuring out what you guys might enjoy and what scenes will function well even when taken way out of context. Most of the time I cull the post-book stuff from deleted scenes and notes and things like that, but if the book left you with questions or with a need for a particular scene, feel free to comment with those. I am always ready to steal someone else's clever idea to make things easier on myself. It's not cheating if I tell you in advance that I'm gonna do it, right? ;D

I think that's it for now, guys. Once I have the developmental edits on Rough Trade in the can, I should have more time to blog. Upcoming topics may or may not include (depending on my mood--I don't pretend to be consistent) revision stuff, post-book warblings, and news about what's upcoming now that I'm wrapping up my Woodbury Boys series. So keep an eye out and thanks for stopping by!