Rough Trade Release Date, Deleted Scenes and Stuff

Rough Trade has a release date!

The ebook will be out on December 3, 2018 and the paperback will be out December 25th!

The line edits for Ghost's book are done, so all that’s left on my end is a read-thru of whatever the copyeditor comes up with. Oh, and getting the word out. I'm not that great at marketing, tbh, so I tend to get stressed out around this point in the process, but there is some exciting stuff nonetheless. Like what, you may ask?

Well, I’ve seen the cover (it’s gorgeous, no surprise there), and I’ll be doing a reveal soon. I’ve also got the blurb coming up for release, so you’ll have an idea of what Ghost’s book is actually about. While there are things I’m really nervous about with this book—more about that after you’ve had a chance to read it, maybe—as a whole, I think it's probably my favorite of my books since Bad Judgment. It definitely made me stretch as a writer, which is probably a good thing.

Keep an eye out this week for the beginning of Tobias’s post-book content in my newsletter. If you’re not signed up, you can do so on my home page. (It’s under the news section). This first one will include a deleted scene from the three guys back in Woodbury. It’s a moment I really, really wanted to get into the series, but there just wasn’t room for it, so I’m thrilled it’ll finally get read.

So now that I’ve covered two of the three things in this blog post’s title, you might be wondering what the stuff is. Well, because publishing works on a staggered schedule, I’m usually anywhere from about five months to eight months ahead of you guys. (I’d tell you what’s happening here in the future, but I’m a firm believer that true friends don’t give spoilers). It's weird. I forget sometimes that I can't just run my mouth all over the internet and expect you guys to know what I'm talking about. The gist is that my publisher and I are in talks about what's coming up post-Woodbury Boys, and hopefully I'll be able to share a little about that soon.

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