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Breaking Up Ain't That Hard to Do

So a few months ago, I realized I had a plot hole in my WIP (that's work-in-progress, in case that's helpful). Just days after finishing the very rough first draft, something wasn't sitting right. Actually, it hadn't been sitting right for a while. I'd been in denial about how big that plot hole was because it meant major reworking, but I was so worn out from getting the draft done that I wasn't ready to deal with it yet. 

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Revision, Bleh-vision

One of these days, I'm going to talk about an interview I did with a very lovely lady who helped me with research on Russian culture for my newest work-in-progress, which is currently on pause while I finish editing Bad Judgment. The post is gonna be amazing. It'll probably win awards, it's gonna be so good. Someone will tell me that they named their baby after me because of it. Or their puppy, which isn't as good, but is still better than nothing.

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First Drafts. Or, Ode to Post-its

Okay, so I finished the first draft of my current work in progress (WIP, from now on). And boy is it rough. Really rough. Roughity-rough-rough. It is not fit for human eyes, which is why tomorrow I'm gonna get started on the second draft. I bought a red marker and everything. (I also bought some pretty Post-its as a reward. Yes, Post-its are perhaps a weird gift to oneself for a job well done but I am addicted to them, for reasons that will probably not be any clearer by the end of this post. I do what I want.)

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